Car Insurance South Africa

There are many car insurance companies based in South Africa. You can check them out at car insurance companies...

So, how to you choose which car insurance company is the best for your needs? Of course, the thirst thing you should look at is the monthly payments. Second, you should consider any bonuses in the contract between you and the insurer. And last, make sure that everything is covered that you want to be covered, and always read EVERYTHING on the contract!

There are many car insurance companies in South Africa that is out there to steal your money, that is why going with a company that is not well known or experienced is a bad idea. Rather choose a company that is all over the media, and has a lot of customers that you know are happy.

That is why my first choice is Dial Direct, they are honest, well experienced, and one of the cheapest short term car insurance and long term car insurance companies in South Africa.