Short Term Car Insurance

Short term car insurance is a useful way to temporarily cover your additional vehicle or while you are on holiday. (NOTE: This is not a substitute for permanent insurance). This insurance is advantageous when you buy a new vehicle and have to arrange full insurance for it, or if your old policy has expired and your waiting for your new policy. Short term car insurance makes it possible to cover your vehicle even with another driver or when you use someone else’s car.

Short term car insurance could be a little bit costly, but the advantage is that a car can legally be driven by anyone without any long term commitments. To top it off, this is totally independent  of existing long term insurance. Nevertheless, long term insurance covers repairing services which short term insurance may, or may not cover.     

What Does Short Term Car Insurance Cover?

Short term car insurance is available for any driver over the age of 21 who wants to drive for a short period of time. Local as well as foreign insurance policies are available to satisfy your specific needs. Any car, van, kit car or campers may be covered by short term insurance for a period of one day to 11 months. Additional windscreen, audio and service repair coverage is available on request.

What are the Benefits of Short Term Car Insurance?

Short term car insurance takes a much shorter time to obtain than long term policies and is conveniently available online with many options to satisfy your every need.

The same insurance policy can be used for two or more cars on a temporary basis.

You choose the amount of time the short term insurance must cover your vehicle. Companies have policies available from one day to 11 months.
Short term car insurance can be taken in conjunction with any long term insurance, without any change to the latter.

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